Gwalior Tourism Needs Better Exposure – Here’s Why

A city that has been controlled by several rulers, a city that has had a significant place in Indian history, a city whose royalty has been more glittery than the most, and a city which today has lost its charm somewhere. We are talking about the ‘Gibraltar of India’; Gwalior.

Located in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior has played a major role in the Indian history. Founded in the mid 13th century, the city has under passed several ruling hands, all the way from Tomars, to the Mughals, to Marathas, and finally to the Scindias, which remained the last monarch entity until democracy emerged in India after Independence.

The city holds some of the most interesting historical stories and facts to display, and yet somehow it has not been able to garner the kind of tourism which it deserves. Even, its geographical location that puts it at just 319 kms from the capital city Delhi, couldn’t support in this matter.

So, in an endeavour to help the cause, we’ve put together some amazing pictures of Gwalior city which would tell you that why Gwalior tourism needs a much better exposure and boost, and why you must visit this place sooner. Take a look;

Their Glorious History

For history buffs, this place is a diamond mine. Rich in glorious history and war stories, Gwalior has a lot to offer. All the way from its almost indestructible Fort, to the symbol of love Gujari Mahal. Understand and know the historical stories in the ‘Light & Sound’ show conducted every evening at the Gwalior Fort premise. Visit the famous Gujari Mahal which was built in the name of love of the king for a village girl, who he eventually made one of his queens.


The Enigmatic Royalty

Visit the monumental and grand Jai Vilas Palace to witness the grandeur of Gwalior’s royal family. The palace has been half setup as the museum which houses the rich and glorious history of this city. The moment you’ll come face to face with the façade of this magnum opus building, you’ll get the hint of its royalty. But wait until you step in and go through the various royal chambers.


The Tempting Street Food

A very common breakfast that you would find in most of the houses in the city, everyday, is the hot and fluffy poha (Poha), and crispy Jalebis (dessert). However, there are several other street delicacies that would tempt your tastebuds for sure. Visit the chowpati of Gwalior to linger on some spicy chats, try your hands on the fresh and hot laddoos of Bahadura, satiate your food cravings at Agarwal Poha, and much more such places to enoy a tempting palate trip.


So, now you know why exactly Gwalior tourism needs a boost to their tourism and more and more people must add this city to their bucketlist.

Have you been to this magnificent city? Share your experience, opinion, and thoughts with us in the comment box.

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  1. I totally Agree that Gwalior is one of the most underrated cities in India. The beauty of the city lies in its rich heritage (destroyed though). But its definitely a must visit place. Thank you so much for sharing such detailed insights 🙂

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