How To Plan Your First Solo Trip – 9 Simple Tips

So, you’ve decided to break the shackles of depending on your friends to travel places and take your first solo trip; Great! But, before you let your hopes fly high, and with no intentions to scare you off with your plans, let me inform you that taking your first solo trip can be a tricky affair if not done with proper planning.

Taking a solo trip is always an amazing and life changing experience; be it your first or the 100th. And, while, it’s no rocket science to plan out your travel, you’d want to make sure that your first solo trip ends up smoothly.

In order to that, here are 9 quick and simple tips to plan your first solo trip;


Decide Your Destination

It is very important that you are clear about the place you want to visit and explore as your first solo trip. It could be a city abroad which you always wanted to visit or one in your own country. Heck! It could even be a neighbouring town in your own state/district. The point is, wherever you plan to take your first solo trip, it must not make you uncomfortable and must be well within your budget.


Know Your Destination

Again! A very important step. Do a thorough research about your destination and get to know as much as you can about its culture, language, best places to visit, climate, current happenings, people, etc. It’s always good to do your homework before stepping foot in a city for the first time; especially, when you have no one else to back you up.


Keep Your Family Informed

Never ever forget to let your friends and family know where you’re heading off to. Inform them about your travel itinerary before leaving, along with the name of the hotel where you’d be staying during your visit. For some, it may sound as a breach in privacy and disarraying the whole idea of travelling alone, but trust me, you’d want someone back home to know your whereabouts.


Make Your Bookings in Advance

As exciting and adventurous as ad-hoc and spontaneous plans sound, it is always a better idea to book your things in advance. Not only will this help you in designing your itinerary in a better way, but also will save you from a lot of last minute hassles. Also, when you’re travelling alone, you really would not want to waste your time in looking for hotels to get a room or checking for flight availability. And, yes, it also save you a lot of money!


Be Confident

The last thing you want pickpocket and thieves to see is a vulnerable and naive solo traveller. It could make you a target for scams and theft. Strike up conversations with others and ask locals for help.  Some of it will come out of sheer survival instinct and you’ll need it to get around. Remember, most people want to help you. Fake it until you make it.


Take Local Transport

One of the best ways to explore a new destination is either on foot or using local transport. You’ll get to know the lanes, the local people, their lifestyle, the culture, the food, the language, and much more through this way of travelling the city.


Keep Your Documents With You

This is very very important, especially, if you are taking your first solo trip abroad. Documents, such as your identity proof, your passport, your hotel card, etc. must be with you all the time while you’re travelling.


Write It All Down

As one of the greatest traveller and explorer, Ibn Battuta, once said, “Travelling – It leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller”. Pen down your day’s experiences and visits in a diary throughout your journey; starting from the moment your flight took off from your home to the point you arrive back. This will not only give you lifetime of memories to go through as and when you want, but also a lot of learning on how to make your next solo trip better.



This works all the time, everywhere. Smile is a universal language and no matter which part of the world you are in, just move that muscle of yours at the right time and you won’t find any problem in gelling with the locals.


Hope this would help you plan your first solo tip in a much better way and have a memorable journey. Do you have any more suggestions to add to this list? Share it in the comment box. You can also share your first solo trip experience; we’d love to hear it!

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