Benefits Of Travelling You Simply Cannot Ignore

People around the world have attached themselves with travelling so much that, each may have their own list of benefits of travelling to share with others. Some say it’s their way to take a break from the routine life, and for a few others it’s the mode of widening their horizon and explore what all is available in this world.

Whatever may the reason be, travelling is one thing no one really would want to face away from. However, as in every aspect of life, there are exceptions in this case as well, with a few out there who don’t really get excited about travelling.

So, if you are one of them (or know anyone like that) this article is for you. Here are a few life changing benefits of travelling you simply cannot ignore;


Improve your interpersonal skills

Most of the people who aren’t excited about travel expeditions are also introvert in approach. They don’t really open up within a group so easily (or may be not at all). And, it’s not that they don’t want to, it’s just that don’t know how to. This is where travelling around can really help. When you meet new people, see new languages, come across new cuisines, you really don’t have a choice but to push yourself to speak to strangers or hit a conversation with a fellow tourist. Imagine, standing at the cross roads on a street in Beijing with sign boards written in Mandarin, you will have to ask people around you for directions. Don’t look it as a challenge, but an opportunity.



Expand your general knowledge

That Taj Mahal is located in India is something most of the world may know, since it’s a worldwide fact; said and written everywhere. But how many of you know that it took 20 years and close to 20,000 workers to complete this symbol of love? That’s right! Imagine if there’s so much to learn and explore about one single heritage site, there are close to 2000 heritage sites in the world. And, we have not even considered the individual history of each country, city or state yet. You can pretty much make the calculations here. Travelling not only takes you to a new place, but also gives you the opportunity to learn a lot more about that place which the text books (or even Google) might not have told you.



Make new friends from across the globe

Do you remember making your very first friend in school? You surely didn’t know him/her from before, then how do you think you both got connected so well? Probably you two shared the same interest, liked the same ice cream flavours, enjoyed the same cartoons, or were the only two loners in the class (pun intended). In a nutshell, it was the common traits or behavioural patterns that made you become friends. It is said that, 2 in every 10 people in this world are highly likely to have similar traits and behavioural pattern; such as things they like, thoughts they share, etc. So, with 7.6 billion of current population in the world, how many friends have you missed out meeting with yet? Do the math!



Become more independent

This can, certainly, be considered as one of the most effective benefits of travelling. Every decision you take and every move you make is completely on you. If anything goes south, you are the one who need to take the onus and make it all right. You’d learn to take care of your belongings (your passport, wallet, travel documents, etc), you’d know how to treat people, you’d realize that it might not be safe to stay out late night, etc. This may sound scary and challenging, but trust me on this, once you have overcome that problem (which you eventually will), you’ll be a different personality altogether. More confident, more independent, more active, and much more of what you’ve always wanted to be. And, if you plan to travel alone the next time, you’d know how to prepare for your first solo trip.



Taste new cuisines

If not for anything else, travel the world for delicious and delightful food you may get to eat in different places. Food is undoubtedly a very big motivation for a lot of people (for me it certainly is) in this world. Philosophically speaking, the food of a place says a lot about its history, lifestyle and, people. For example, if you plan to travel in India, you may find that the food pattern changes as you travel within this one country itself from North to South, or from Wet to East. It is a sin to miss or avoid such sumptuous palate trips that the world has to offer.



Explore new cultures and lifestyles

Did you know that there are ancient African tribes which still exists and follow their same old lifestyle till date? There are so many different cultures and traditions spread across the world, and each has its own fascinating aspect to explore. You’d be intrigued to see so much vibrancy, color, music, dance forms, dialects, and more when travelling the world around.



Become a storyteller

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta. It may sound or come across a little exaggerated but this is actually what happens to you once you make travelling a regular affair. You start seeing things in different perspective altogether. The admiration for artistic monuments, the excitement for being a part of a cultural carnival, or the satisfaction of being surrounded by blissful natural beauty; it all starts falling into a frame for you, which you crave to define in words (how do you think I become a writer!?). Remember the way you explained your parents and friends about your school camp trip, every time you returned from one? It’s somewhat the same.



Improve the bond with your family

As the famous proverb says, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Days and weeks of travelling mean the same number of days being away from your home; away from your family. When you are out there exploring the world, travelling to new places, meeting new people, you come to point where you realize the importance of having a family and what it really means to have one. Even if you are travelling along with your family, you get to know a lot about each other which you didn’t for so many years. The excitement of coming back home and seeing your family after a long time will certainly make you feel a stronger connection with them. Remember Kevin’s reaction to see his family back home from the trip in the first instalment of the movie Home Alone!?



So, I hope this list of benefits of travelling may have inspired you a little to at least think about planning an itinerary if not leaving right away for a trip. And, if you’re already an avid traveller, do let us know what you think about this list in the comment box below.

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