30 Traditional Indian Dishes To Try If You Are A Foodie Traveller

India is world wide popular for its vibrant and colourful festivals, rich heritage, and historical monuments. However, there’s another very important and significant aspect of exploring India without which your travel experience in India is incomplete. Yes, we are talking about the mouth-watering, lip-smacking, and drooling delicacies of India.

While, modern culture has affected the food habits as well in India, the traditional Indian dishes are still worth every bite and experience. These dishes not only define the age old culture of India, but are a reflection of every state and city in the country.

Today, we take you through the top 30 traditional Indian dishes to try from all 30 states of India.

Rogan Josh (Jammu & Kashmir): An aromatic lamb dish

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

Madra (Himachal Pradesh): Chickpeas in Curd Curry

Madra Himachali Food
Pic Courtesy: The Food Fairy







Makki Roti & Sarson Saag (Punjab): Maize and yellow flour bread with Mustrad Greens’ curry

Makki di Roti Sarson ka Saag


Kafuli (Uttarkhand): Spinach curry made with traditional spices

Kafuli Uttarakhand dish
Pic Courtesy: Travocoaster

Kachri ki Sabzi (Haryana): Wild cucumber gravy

Kachri ki Sabzi
Pic Courtesy: Flavors of India


Choley Bhaturey (Delhi):  Chickpeas curry with Fried bread

Choley Bhaturey


Nimona (Uttar Pradesh): Mashed Green Peas curry



Bajrey ki Roti Aur Gur (Rajasthan): Pearl Millet bread with Jaggery

Bajrey ki roti
Also known as “Sogra”


Litti Chokha (Bihar): Baked balls of whole wheat flour stuffed with roasted chickpeas flour)

Litti Chokha


Thukpa (Sikkim): Noodle soup with vegetables or meat



Bamboo Shoot (Arunachal Pradesh): Curry made of bamboo shoots

Bamboo Shoots


Aloo Pitika (Assam): Mashed potatoes with mustard oil and traditional spices

Aloo Pitika
Pic Courtesy: Pepperonepizza


Jadoh (Meghalaya): Yellow rice made with pork stew

Jadoh Meghalaya


Mui Borok (Tripura): Traditional Tripuri cuisine made with fried and fermented fish curry

Mui Boroko - Tripura Dish
Pic Courtesy: Tripuraonline


Paknam (Manipur): Fish cakes

Paknam - Manipuri Dish


Bai (Mizoram): Stew made from local herbs and spices



Smoked Pork (Nagaland)

Smoked pork from Nagaland
Pic Courtesy: NElive


Mishti Doi (West Bengal): Traditionally prepared sweetened curd

Misti Doi


Rugra (Jharkhand): Local grown mushroom curry

Jharkhand Food Rugra


Dhokla (Gujarat): Yellow spongy cake made with fermented batter of rice and split chickpeas

Dhokla Gujrat


Poha (Madhya Pradesh): Dish made of flattened rice



Muthia (Chattisgarh): Dumplings made from rice batter mixed with traditional spices



Chungdi Malai (Orissa): Creamy Prawn curry

Chungdi Malai - Prawn Curry


Puran Poli (Maharashtra): Sweet flat bread stuffed with mixture of powdered lentils and jaggery

Puran Poli


Bebinca (Goa): Traditional Pudding

Bebinca Goa


Pulihora (Andhra Pradesh): Tamarind rice



Hyderabadi Biryani (Telangana): Rice recipe made from different spices and vegetables or meat

Hyderbabdi Biryani


Dosa (Tamil Nadu): Indian style pancake made from fermented rice batter and has several variations



Puttu and Kadala Curry (Kerala): Rolls made of rice powder and coconut and black chickpeas curry

Kerala dishes


Mysore Pak (Karnataka): Traditional local dessert

Mysore Pak dessert


The passion and love for food in India is incredible, so much so that we can make 30 different articles for every single state and talk about the variety of traditional dishes in India that are served in each state. But for now, you know what not to miss out if you are travelling in India and happen to be in any of these states.

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