Recommended Things To Do in Jodhpur You Won’t Find in Any Travel Guidebook

Jodhpur, the capital of yesteryear’s Marwar province, is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Despite being a great tourist destination, Jodhpur has always been overshadowed by the capital Jaipur, city of lakes Udaipur, and the desert capital Jaisalmer.

When searched about recommended things to do in Jodhpur, most of the results end up with the same activities to do and places to visit. However, with a glorious history, tremendous hospitality, world-class handicraft, delectable delicacies, and interesting folklores, Jodhpur has a plethora to offer to its visitors than what meets the online search results.

So, if you are planning a visit soon and wondering how to go about and explore the city like a native would, worry no more, as we give you some of the best things to do in Jodhpur which you won’t find in any travel guidebook.


Explore the old city lanes

Jodhpur is prolifically defined by its blue colored houses, which is also one of the most probable image results when searched online.

This entire patch of houses painted in blue is the old and the original part of the city, confined within the walls of the city fort. If you really want to understand the lifestyle and culture of this magnificent city, then you simply cannot afford to miss exploring this area.

Blue city Jodhpur
An old house in the city area of Jodhpur

Age old infrastructure that still stands tall and strong, centuries old homes which house the 6th or may be the 7th generations today, tapering roads, narrow lanes, temple bells, old lads discussing their heydays, it’s all there.

Ask for areas like Chandpole, Brahmpuri, and Nawchaukiya to explore the original Jodhpuri lifestyle.


Get the taste of legacy

While most of the travel guidebooks and/or blogs would confine your palate trip in Jodhpur to the traditionally popular Dal Baati and Choorma, there’s a lot more to gorge on and experience the authentic taste of Jodhpur.

This would, again, take you inside the old city areas; such as pungal pada, sojati gate, nayi sadak, etc.

Jodhpur is a foodie’s paradise and has no dearth of rich and delicious dishes to offer. Despite the emergence of café and theme based restaurant culture, the regional delicacies are still favorites for the local residents and the taste has never lost its consistence.

Special Makhania Lassi Jodpur
Misrilal’s Famous Makhaniya Lassi

For those with a sweet tooth, just ask for Chatturbhuj shop in pungal pada to try out the best Gulab Jamuns you’d eat in your life, Moolji sweet shop to experience what a real Ras Malai tastes like, and Misrilal at clock tower market to gulp the glass of rich and thick Lassi.

People who crave for savory items don’t have to get disheartened, as they have a lot to satiate their food lust. This includes the famous Mirchi Bada, Pyaaz ki Kachori, Tamatar Sev Ki Sabji, Lehsun ke Koftey, and lots more.

Ask for Shandaar restaurant near MG hospital to enjoy a rich and delicious food experience.


Visit Padamsar and Ranisar

And, the old city lanes come out calling yet again. Two of the oldest ponds in Jodhpur city, Padamsar and Ranisar served as the main source of water during yesteryears of the city.

Almost 500 years old, the ponds were built for rain harvesting and hardly ran out of water in all these years. In fact, there have been several occasions when the ponds have overflown and slightly flooded the roads and lanes of nearby old city areas; especially, Padamsar.

Ranisar Lake in Jodhpur
Ranisar Lake

Even today, these ponds have a special place in the lives of people living in the area and several pious rituals are conducted at the bank of the ponds.

The ponds are a part of Jodhpur’s heritage now and are managed by the city administration. While, a lot of tourists walk around the old city lanes of Jodhpur, admiring the blue painted houses, many miss out on visiting thee beautiful water reservoirs.


Visit the ancient temples

Jodhpur has always been inhabited by God revering people, which resulted in many temples and shrines been built over the period of years.

There are several religious places and temples from the past which still upholds their original form and the walls standing tall and strong even after centuries.

Most of these temples are not just centuries but millennials old, and are located on the outskirts of the main city area. The oldest being the Baidyanath Temple dedicated to lord Shiva, which is said to be as old as from the 10th century.

And, as expected, Baidhyanath temple is not the only historical temple of lord shiva in Jodhpur. Achal Nath Temple is another pilgrimage from the early 15th century which still holds its original form and is burgeoned with devotees all year round; especially, during special occasions.

Achalnath Mahadev Mandir
Achalnath Mahadev Mandir [Pic Courtesy: TripAdvisor]

Another ancient Shiva temple which is worth giving a visit is Panch Kund (Five Ponds). Legends have it that the Pandavas (5 brothers from Indian epic text, Mahabharata) stayed in this area during their exile period, and built a pond each for themselves.

Interesting Fact: There’s only one temple dedicated to Ravana (from the Hindu epic text of Ramayan) in the world, and guess where that is!? Correct! It’s in Jodhpur.


Enjoy your time at Kadam Kandi Falls

It’s true that Jodhpur lies close to the great Thar desert, but let that not befog you with the natural beauty encapsulated around the city. Jodhpur is overwhelmed with some of the best natural habitats in India, which includes a gorgeous waterfall of its own.

Located roughly 15kms outside the main city area, Kadam Kandi is a beautiful and a popular picnic spot for local residents. The place is at its beautiful best during the monsoons and is certainly the best time to visit.

Arna Jharna Jodhpur
Arna Jharna Falls at Kadam Kandi [Pic Courtesy: TripAdvisor]

Visiting Kadam Kandi also provide you with an opportunity to explore another recommended place to see in Jodhpur; Arna Jharna. A beautiful desert museum depicting the colossal art of Thar, Arna Jharna is a great place to explore and understand the typical village life followed in the Marwar region.

Jodhpur has always played an important role in escalating tourism in Rajasthan and offers a lot to its visitors. I hope this list of recommended things to do in Jodhpur will give you some new insights about the city and options to explore than the usual ones.

Any Jodhpuri in the house!? Share your experience and insight about the city which you feel has been missed in here, and help a fellow traveler in exploring your city better.

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