8 Important Life Lessons You Learn From Travelling

I love traveling! So do you. So do many in the world as traveling is one way that takes you far and yet brings you closer to many things new. There’s so much to see and experience out there in the world which makes travelling a very good teacher. You may not have given it a heed, but there are several important life lessons you learn from travelling, and that’s exactly what we’d be discussing in this blog.

Let’s see how many of these you actually do realize;

Trust Your Instincts… Mostly They’re Right

Remember your first ever solo trip!? It wasn’t that easy to simply make the decision and walk out; right? But then you eventually did, which led you to some of the most memorable moments in your life. Life’s all about having trust on yourself, your decisions. They may not be favourable every time, but mostly they are right, since it’s a calling from your conscience. While, travelling, you come across so many such situations where you got to take a call and all you have at that moment to trust are your instincts.


You Are Your Best Company

This is surely one of THE most helpful life lessons you learn from travelling. Enjoying your own company is like the best thing you do to yourself. Not only does it makes you non-dependent on unwanted gentry, but also gives you ample of window to understand a lot about yourself. We can’t even imagine how many times we had to trash our travel plans ‘cause one of the group members had a sudden diarrhoea, while another couldn’t miss her salsa classes. Travelling makes you independent and fearless of taking solo trips.

 Solo traveler

Life’s Challenges Are The Same Everywhere

While travelling around, you more often than not come cross people and situations that gives you a glimpse of your own life struggles you’ve been dealing with. This push you to wonder how similar life is, no matter what part of the world it is. Most of the people you meet, if you get to know them a little, you realize that they too crave for that sweet little break from the monotony which you are currently having, and go explore the world. They too are working hard day in day out and saving every penny they can to plan that much wanted vacation. It’s not easy for anyone, but all it takes is that zeal and want to do it.

It’s Satisfying To Be A Responsible Traveller Than Being Just Another Tourist

Imagine, you have guests over and they use your toilet, only for you to find out once they leave that it wasn’t flushed after used. Utterly lamenting and disgusting, isn’t it?! Well, the same is what it reflects of you when you travel to a different city or a country and litter around. But imagine, in a different scenario, the guests actually chipped in to help clean the table after dinner. Pleasant and delightful it feels, doesn’t it!? Well, I am sure you have got the gist. As a traveller, it is our moral duty to be a responsible traveller and follow the local rules and ethics.


Respect Every Religion

With the beginning of human civilization on earth, another thing saw its inception; religion! A common leap of faith that brings together a group of people, forming a community of their own. There are thousands of different religions being practiced in this world, and people are very sensitive towards their respective religions; some more than the others. And, while it is understood that you may not know all the religions which exists (this is where travelling helps you see), you know that they exist, and thus it becomes imperatively important to respect each and every religion in this world.

Budhhism Religion

It’s Okay To Get Nervous At Times

Travelling is all about new experiences, and who said that experiences can’t be challenging. Not to scare you off with anything, but travelling does throws a lot of challenges on your way, and it is absolutely alright to get your palms a little wet. You can’t expect yourself to be all Bear Grylls during your expeditions (heck! Even the guy gets nervous at times; especially, when he finds out that there are only 2 bugs to eat for the night). A little nervousness is a proof of you being a human, so embrace it and let it pass. Just remember the first point.


You Are Fortunate In So Many Ways You Didn’t Know

Dissatisfaction! Another very strong reflection of being a human. We keep ourselves so busy with our hectic life and clocked schedule to get more of a never ending desire that we forget to embrace and enjoy what we have achieved all the way. It is only when you travel around different regions that you realize how kind life has been to you which is unfortunately not the same with all. You realize the importance of having a family, friends, good health, fancy clothes, and above all, a life to cherish moments.


Smile Is The Best Language You Can Learn

Sounds philosophical and clichéd to you!? Try using this language when placing an order at a food truck (forget a fancy restaurant), and just see what wonders it do to your order. A smile is the best ice breaker and can be very effective to gel along at a new place, with new people. You may have to shuffle through the pages of an English to Mandarin dictionary to thank someone when travelling in China, but to save yourself some time, try the language of smile and see how it works way better than saying Xie Xie (Yep! That’s “Thank You” in Chinese).

 Smile emoticons

Were you able to relate from any of these lessons!? What has travelling taught you in life which you believe made a paradigm difference? Share your learning with fellow travellers and add some new life lessons to learn from travelling.

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