6 Hill Stations In India To Make Your Summer Holidays Cooler

India is the home to some of the greatest mountain ranges in the world; such as Aravalli, Poorvanchal, Satpura, and of course, the mighty Himalayan range. This is the reason that one can find a series of pristine hill stations in India, offering some of the most spectacular tourist spots.

If you are planning to visit India during your summer vacations, and looking to beat the heat during your travel, then here are some of the highly recommended hill stations in India to relax and rewind;


Hill stations in India

The list of hill stations in India can neither begin nor can be completed without mentioning the charismatic hill city of Shimla. One of the most popular tourist spots in India, Shimla is a must inclusion to your bucket list. It would not be an exaggeration if it is said that Shimla is arguably the face of hill stations in India. It is definitely one of the first places that comes in mind of any local traveler looking for vacations in hills. And that could be any type of vacation; honeymoon, family trip, traveling with friends, weekend getaway, etc.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach:

  • By Train There’s no direct train to Shimla and the last Broadway railway station is Kalka. From Kalka station one can take a narrow gauge toy train to main Shimla city. This 96kms rail route is said to be filled with some of the most surreal views of the Himalayan range.
  • By Air – The nearest airport to Shimla is Jubbarhatti which is at a distance of 23kms from the main city. There are daily flights from Delhi to Jubbarhatti.
  • By Road – Shimla is well connected with the capital city Delhi and the road is well maintained throughout. You can easily find rental car and taxi services to Shimla, as well as regular bus services.



Hill stations in India

Another very popular hill station in India, Manali is another tourist spot you simply cannot miss out including in your bucket list for summer vacations. The city has a reputation of hosting several adventure activities; including some of the most breathtaking trekking options in the country. And that’s not it. Paragliding, rafting, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, camping, are some of the other adventure activities which are popular in here. It is, also, popular as a great honeymoon destination in India.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach:

  • By Train – Jogindernagar is the nearest major railway station to Manali, which is around 163kms from the main Manali city. However, unlike Shimla, there are no narrow gauge toy train services to Manali, and one has to take the roadway from here.
  • By Air – Bhuntar airport is the nearest airport to Manali, which is approximately 50kms from the city.
  • By Road – One of the best and most recommended mode of commuting to Manali is by road. There are several private and government run bus operators which provide frequent bus service to Manali. Alternatively, you can choose to book a cab to visit the city as well.





The close neighbor to Manali, Kullu is another recommended hill station to visit in India. Many tourists club the visit to Manali with Kullu, which you can even find in the tour packages offered by several operators as well. Located on the banks of river Beas, at an altitude of 1230mtrs, Kullu is a great place to cool your summer beats. Popularly known as the “Valley Of Gods”, this hill station in India is another popular adventure destination with options of various thrilling treks, paragliding, jungle camping, etc.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach:

  • By Train – No train comply to Kullu, and the nearest major railway station is around 125kms from the city. So, traveling to Kullu by train is certainly not an option you’d want to keep.
  • By Air – Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Kullu, at a distance of around 10kms.
  • By Road – One of the mostly opted mode of commuting to Kullu is by road. You can take a bus or a book a cab from the capital city to Kullu.


Mount Abu

hill stations in India

Rajasthan is known for its deserts, forts, and palaces, and expecting hilly terrain in such area is near to unexpected, let alone a hill station entirely. But that’s where the beauty of traveling in India lies. Mount Abu is an exception in its own right, located in the state of Rajasthan. A part of the Aravalli mountain range, mount Abu is a serene location to spend some of your vacation time in India for sure. It is interesting to know that being a desert state, even many local tourists are not aware of the fact that Rajasthan has a hill station of its own to offer. This makes the place more worthy of a visit apart from several other factors; such as the Nakki Lake.

Location: Rajasthan

How To Reach:

  • By Train – Abu Road is the nearest railway station and there are many trains directed to this station. One can book a cab or a bus from Abu Road city, which is around 30kms from the main city of Mount Abu.
  • By Air – There are no airports in Mount Abu or in Abu Road, which makes the air travel a not a feasible option. The nearest airport in in Udaipur city which is around 180kms from Mt. Abu.
  • By Road – Mt. Abu is very well connected from all major cities in India and lies on the NH14. One can easily find buses or cab services to Mt. Abu from several big cities; such as Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Mumbai, etc.



hill station in India

If you are one of those who think that when it comes to mountains and hills, it is only available in the northern parts of a region, Ooty is your reality check. Located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, at an elevation of around 2240mtrs, Ooty is a part of Western Ghats mountain range. The hill station is a popular honeymoon destination and is rich in greenery. Rose Graden, one of the popular tourist spots in Ooty, is the home to over 2000 varieties of roses alone.

Location: Tamil Nadu

How To Reach:

  • By TrainThe nearest railway station to Ooty is Mettupallayam, which is around 40kms from the main Ooty city.
  • By Air – Coimbatore airport is the nearest busy airport, which is connected to most of the major cities in India, and has regular inbound and outbound flight services.
  • By Road – One can easily find bus services as well as cab services from major cities around Ooty; including Coimbatore (84kms) and Coonor (19kms).




hill stations in India

In Hindu mythology and vedas, “Dharam” (meaning “cast”) is closely connected to the karma, and ‘Shala’ means abode. So, Dharamsala actually signifies a place where you can understand your karmas and live in peace and spirituality. Befittingly, it is also the home to the head of Buddhist religion, his holiness the Dalai Lama, which is a proof enough to justify the piousness and calmness you may expect in this region. Add the beauty of hills to this peaceful city and what you get is an unmatched travel experience. One can find a number of Buddhist temples and pagodas located in the area apart from several other tourist spots worthy of a visit during your trip to Dharamshala.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach:

  • By Train – The nearest railway station is that of Pathankot which is at a distance of around 85kms from the main Dharamshala city.
  • By Air – Unlike other hill stations in India, Dharamshala has its own airport which is about 13kms from the main city area, and has regular flights plying from most of the major cities in the country; especially, Delhi.
  • By Road – Like othee hill stations in India, especially in Himachal Pradesh, the most recommended and chosen mode of commuting to Dharamshals is by road. And overnight journey from Delhi via bus or cab would take you to this majestic hill station in India.

So, there you have it! These were just 6 of the many hill stations in India which offers a great summer vacation time. Such is the location feasibility and ambiance that you can travel to these places with your family, friends, partner, or even solo.

Hope you found this list helpful. If you have been to any of these places before do share your experience in the comment box below. If you have any questions or queries regarding any of these locations, just drop it as well in the comment section and I’ll try my best to help you with the answer.

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