8 Smart Ways To Cut Down Your Travel Cost To Half Easily

Who doesn’t likes the idea of saving on money whenever and wherever possible!? Even Tony Stark would love to save every penny wherever he can!

It is said that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. With experience, of course! But, what if it can help you save on your estimated budget as well (certainly, not to make you rich or anything!)?

Planning a trip on a budget is a different thing, saving on your travel cost is entirely another.

So, how can you exactly cut down your travel cost to almost half without compromising on the travel experience? We have some easy and quick hacks for you. Check them out;


Book The Room Wisely

You are on a trip. Doesn’t matter what type. It can be a family trip, solo tour, adventure travel, etc. What you need to understand is that you are going out of your home. Out of the four walls!

Majority of your time while on the trip will be on the road. So, think before you book a hotel room that what all would you actually need in your room.

If it is only for crashing on bed at night that you’d be in your room, and the rest of the time will be exploring the destination, is it worth paying a heavy amount for just sleeping!?

Pick a room you think would suffice your needs, have the level of services you would want, and is located in the area which makes it easy for you to cover most of the travel spots.



Book Flights Well In Advance

cut down your travel cost

Always the best thing to do! One of the most advised trick to plan a budget trip, and is also a good way to cut down your travel cost. Last minute flight bookings can be daunting financially.

Think of it this way. You know you have to travel. You know where you want to go. You know the dates of travel. You know the number of people who’d be traveling. Why wait till the last moment?

Most of the airlines (be it domestic or international) offer huge discounts and offers on early flight bookings. Why not make the best use of the opportunity!?


Plan A Trip in Off-Season

While, there may be a few who’d not agree to this, but planning a trip during off season or low rush season can be a great way to cut down your travel cost.

Travelers usually sway away from following this method for the very reason that they might not be able to experience the best of that place. And, that’s one of the gravest thought process one can carry regarding travel experiences.

Yes, there are particular months when certain activities of a place are closed. But that’s just a few weeks out of all 52 weeks. One need to simply plan it smartly. There are always gaps when not only are the major attractions and activities of a place are open, but also is a low travel season time. Just find those gaps and close it.


Be a Smart Shopper

Be a smart shopper

Duty free shops at the airports. Yes! There are many Ryan Reynolds out there who think it’s smart to just shop from the duty free shops. But what they forget is that most of the local souvenirs are not to be found at these places.

Ardent travelers would agree that in order to find the genuine souvenirs, one need to be in the local markets. Talk to the locals, consult your hotel manager, speak with your guide, and find out the correct places to do your local shopping.

And, don’t just stop at the first one you find. Visit a few and compare prices before making the final purchase, and see how easily it’d help you cut down your travel cost.



Do Direct Bookings

Be it the hotel bookings or flight bookings, there are a number of 3rd party platforms which offer the services and claim to offer cheaper fares. Don’t fall for that.

It is always better to do your bookings directly from the vendor’s website. Not only will you get better pricing, but also you can always expect better services, response time, process mapping, and options to choose from.

You are dealing directly with the main vendor which ensure secure itinerary; and anyone would want that.



Be Your Own Guide

Be Your Own Guide

Why not! In today’s time, when the most advance technologies are at our fingertips, it shouldn’t be a complication to actually explore a new destination without the help of a local guide.

Do a thorough research of the destination you’re planning to travel to. Make a list of places you’d want to visit during your stay, and understand a bit about their background.

Yes, local tour guides provides an assurance of experiencing and covering the best of a place, but it is not a dependability one need to actually abide to. Use your communication and people’s skills and interact with the local public to know where to go, when to go, and how to go.

In fact, you are highly likely to find audio guide pods in several different languages at several heritage sites and historical monuments. Just put on your headphones and take the tour.

Follow this, and you’ll be amazed to find how much you cut down your travel cost.



Plan a long single trip than short multiple ones

Isn’t that obvious!? Imagine the number of different hotel bookings you’d have to do, the different flight bookings, the transport charges to and fro from hotel and airport. And, on top of that, you’ll always be in a rush to cover whatever places you can in the limited period of time at a particular place.

Instead, plan a long stay trip to one place and explore it in and out as much as possible. What that also does is add to your cost cutting in travel expense.

Several hotels do provide cheaper room rates for those staying for a longer period; say a week or so! You can always check that out with the hotel staff while booking. This, again, would be a great addition to your efforts to cut down your travel cost to half easily.


Use local Transports

cut down your travel cost

And what better way to be among the locals!? It is, in fact, said that if you want to make the best of your travel experience to a place, use local transports.

Traversing a place through local transport gives you a close glimpse into the lifestyle of the place. The behavioral pattern of people, the struggles, the routine, and a lots more. Traveling through local transports puts you right in the middle of the common public of that place, giving you the opportunity to interact and understand their life. You may even get a tip or two about some of the best hidden places in the city to visit, which no guidebook might tell you.

And, of course, with respect to cut down your travel cost, it cannot get cheaper than this to travel locally.



We work hard and earn to live a good life, eat good, travel good, wear good. But, it’s your hard earned money so why splurge it when you can do all this on a lesser expense. So, the next time you start planning a trip (be it domestic or international), make sure you practice some of these hacks to cut down on your travel cost. You’d be amazed to see how easy and well it works.

Keep Traveling!


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