Hey there fellow traveller! Welcome to Dave (read: “The Way”) To Travel! I am Dronacharya Dave, the founder & owner of DaveToTravel.

The inspiration behind creating this website is the same that brought you on this page… Travelling! Been involved in the corporate industry for close to 8 years, it wasn’t easy for me to travel places and explore new destinations. So, finally, in 2018, I bid adieu to this 9-5 office life and dedicated myself to pursue my dream.

As an ardent traveler, I’ve always felt that each has their own way of travelling and exploring the world. While, some like to experience leisure travelling, few look to take the off-roads. Some like to be in the mountains, others prefer the ocean sides. In a nutshell, every single person has a unique travel preference.

However, somewhere down the line, these preferences do merge with those who share the same way of travelling. And, this blog is all about these different yet similar ways of travelling and exploring the world.

Dave To Travel lives by its name and showcase some of the most amazing places in the world, and how to make the most of your time while visiting there. You’ll find articles and travel blogs about off-the-track places in the world, their cultures, lifestyle, and much more. For food aficionados, there’s lots of lip-smacking cuisines to watch out for and to add to your “To Eat” list.

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